EcoBrown's Wholegrain Rice Powder (500g)

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ecoBrown’s Pure Wholegrain Rice Powder is specially formulated from for a healthy drink that is naturally a sugar-free, trans fat-free,gluten-free, and cholesterol-free. This makes it an ideal choice for diabetics orhealth-conscious consumers. Simply mix it into a beverage, oatmeal, or congee for added nutrition and flavour. For those who love baking, ecoBrown’s Pure Wholegrain Rice Powdercan also be used as an ingredient in gluten-free recipes.

Ingredients: 100% Wholegrain Rice (Red Rice, Black Rice, Brown Rice)

Enjoy the benefits of brown rice in almost anything with the ecoBrown's Brown Rice Powder. Mix some into your beverages, oatmeal or even your cookie dough and cake batter for added nutrition!


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